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Pinkie & Black

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Two Friends...One Mission
(AKA: "The Birth of Pinkie and Black as we know it")
Once upon a time, Ms. Black was minding her own business (sewing and designing as she pleases)...when little Ms. Pinkie approached her with a GRAND idea.
Ms. Pinkie: "Oh Ms. Black! You are so gifted and talented! 
We should go into business together! I can't imagine a more wonderful business partner."
Ms. Black:  "Yes,  What a Great Idea! What kind of business should we start?"
Ms. Pinkie: "Wouldn't it be great to start a Wholesale Upscale Children's Clothing Line that we could sell to all of our friends and to all of their friends and to all of their friends and to all of their friends?...
(Ms. Pinkie likes to spread the love)
We must use the best quality designer fabrics and have
them sewn by only the most experienced seamstresses. "
Ms. Black: " That's genius Ms. Pinkie! But...(this was a BIG BUT) it's
never been done before. Shouldn't we sell strictly to boutiques
so they can upsell our line and charge OUTRAGEOUS prices for
clothing the children will soon grow out of?
Isn't that the way this business has been done for years?
I think I once read that in a book.
That's how business is done."
Ms. Pinkie: "Oh Ms. Black,  I know you have a very extensive knowledge of how business is performed, but let's try to change it.
Let's spread the Pinkie and Black love around the world.
Come on...Ms. Black,
What do you say? ...
I'll let you put rhinestones on whatever you want..."
(Ms. Black loves the Bling Bling)
Ms. Black: "Bling, Bling on anything I want? SWEET!
So the journey begins, as we
Pinkie and Black Style!
The Pinkie and Black 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
We are positive that you will be more than satisfied
with each and every item we offer on this site.
If for some reason you are not. Feel free to return the item
as long as it is in its original condition for a refund or exchange.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at
if you have any additional questions or concerns.
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You've been PINKIE-FIED!

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